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Cute Soft Play Food


Cute Soft Play Food Set

If you are searching for a cute, soft play food set for your child then take a look below to see if this cutie fits your order.

So why exactly should you encourage your child to “play with his food?” Play food toys that are made up of healthy choices such as whole foods like milk, veggies and fruit can really help expose your child to the right kind of food as early as possible.

We are constantly bombarded by fast food places promising a hot meal that’s cheap and fast, but they are not exactly a healthy option. Start your child out on the right foot by putting things in front of him that are nutritious such as play toys like this one below.

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Cute Soft Play Food Set
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Cute Soft Play Food Details

* Great for children over 3 years old
* Contains 6 pieces
* Each piece has a new and different texture kids will love
* Easy to use tote bag that will help store the toys
* Each one will make crinkling or jingling sounds for a full play experience

Children will love playing with toys that seem to come to life in front of them. These soft food toys are great for instilling good eating habits and can help your child learn about colors such as red and orange. Teach him early about the basic food groups and allow him to experiment by touching the toys and feeling the different textures on each one!

These are pretty handy because each toy has a new texture to it that will further pique your child’s curiosity and help him learn. This set also comes with a tote that will hold everything and keep your child’s room organized. The tote also gives the whole package a fun shopping experience feeling.

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