Cute Plastic Tea Set


This plastic tea set is perfect for children over the age of 3 years. There’s no better time than tea time and your child will just love sitting down and pretending that he or she is having a fun party with friends, both imaginary and real!

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Color and Counting Toy Details

* Featured in bright and whimsical colors (perfect for boys and girls)
* Comes with 4 teacups, 4 tea plates, 2 spoons
* One teapot with lid and one sugar and one creamer container
* Contains 13 pieces
* Great for children over 3 years

Colorful and Bright Tea Set for Kids

Check Out the Details on This Plastic Tea Set

I’m not quite sure why this one only comes with 2 spoons, but either way, it’s the cutest set I’ve come across with its bright, happy colors. There’s a heart design on the cups, pot and plates which adds to its charm.

Tea sets are great for helping your child learn to be more social and practice good etiquette! It’s never too early to instill good manners, teach kindness and courtesy and it all starts when they’re small. Naturally, you’re already a pretty awesome mom or dad if you’re thinking about these things for your child.

Sit down with your little one and get ready for a fun tea party! Kids can benefit from imaginary play time and playing with playmates. Not only does a play set like this encourage her to use her imagination but it can also help her sharpen her fine motor coordination (Bringing the tea cup to her mouth and gently placing it back!).

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