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Cute Dollhouse Accessories

Dollhouse Accessories Do you need some cute dollhouse accessories for a new dollhouse?

If you have a dollhouse for your child then you probably noticed they aren’t exactly fully stocked with little kitchen, bathroom and bedroom furniture. Invite your child to play and enjoy the house to its fullest with some fun additions such as kitchen items or other household appliances.

Cute Dollhouse Accessories

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Dollhouse Accessories
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Featured is the Plan Toys Doll House Household Accessories Set

Dollhouse Accessory Details

* Includes ironing board, washer, dryer
* Made from natural recycled rubber
* Wonderful for learning about cleaning
* Great quality products
* Fun for kids

This fun set includes plenty of clean up items for a dollhouse. After all, dolls have to keep a clean house too, don’t they? Your child will enjoy manipulating and playing with the wooden pieces and can place them in the kitchen or utility room or any other room that needs some cleaning!

She can also enjoy learning about cleaning duties and have fun at the same time.

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