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Curious George Matching Game

Does your little tot love Curious George? This game is perfect for ages 3 and over. It’s called the Curious George Matching Game! This little game is ideal for on the go trips with your child or perfect for home. Now you can turn any time into a fun, educational session with your child.

Curious George is a classic children’s toy and this little game can provide plenty of minutes of enjoyment while improving her stealthy matching skills!

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The Curious George Matching Game


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The matching game is a card game that your child will love to play. It features 72 play cards where your child can pick from and use her memory skills to find that matching card! It’s a great learning tool to help her improve her memory skills and will be a fun source of entertainment when she needs that distraction.

This is a basic matching game. All the Curious George game cards are spread out in front of her (face down) and she has to pick a card and try to match it. If she can’t match that card then she simply turns it over and keeps trying. This game fosters a fun sense of independence as she can choose whichever card she wants to find that match to the colorful card.

Let her have some fun sorting through the cards, familiarizing herself with the fun world of Curious George and friends and attempting to pick out the match to her chosen card.

I like this game because she can play by herself or with a few playmates for added excitement and fun. This is the perfect age to instill the value of sharing with her friends as well as helping her learn to take turns. Sit down and play with your little one as well to show her how fun it can be to match the pictures!

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