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Cool Children’s Play Tunnels

Children's Play Tunnels

Add some children’s play tunnels to your youngster’s playset to give him something fun to do on a boring, rainy day.


Kids tunnels are perfect toys for playing either inside or out and a big plus is that most can be stored away easily, so you don’t need to worry about it being super bulky or taking up a lot of room in his room.



Fun Children’s Play Tunnels Available for Sale


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Children's Play Tunnels and Tents
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Featured is the Melissa & Doug Happy Giddy Tunnel

Product Features

* Happy and bright colors
* Features a whimsical character
* Will fold easily making cleaning up a breeze
* Made of durable material to hold up during play time
* A wonderful gift for birthdays!

What good is having a play room without a nice tunnel to pretend he’s competing in his own personal obstacle course. Kids need plenty of stimulation to encourage role playing and imaginary games.

A prop like a tent or a tunnel such as the one above can help him get into the imaginary play mood and hopefully encourage exercise. This item is ideal for indoor play and it can also be moved outside thanks to its durable construction.

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You can fold it up easily and put away. Help your child learn about cleaning up and teach him how to fold it himself after he’s done with it.

Imagine all the possibilities and help your child along by providing something that will help him move around and be active.

This is an ideal gift for children over 3 years old and kids will be delighted with the colorful design, fun character as well as crawling in and out of the tunnel for fun.

Watch him play and have a good time while getting some exercise.

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