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Construction Toy Set

construction-toy-set A construction toy set like the Brain Flakes 500 Piece Interlocking Plastic Disc is ideal for the budding engineer in your family. Children can enjoy using the pieces to create anything that their imagination desires!

If she can see it then she can build it!

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Construction Toy Set for Budding Engineers!

Get ready to construct! This is a toy that will broaden your child’s imagination and teach her to see something and inspire her to actually try to build it. If you have a child that loves drawing, building and is fascinated with structures and mechanics then this might be just the toy for her.

This set includes 500 pieces of interlocking disks. She can create anything from a tree (like the one below) or a car, airplane, a house. The sky is really the limit with these disks. In addition, she’ll learn to use spatial thinking which is basically visualizing the picture of what she wants to create and then making it! How fun is that?

Also included are a variety of different colors to help her create a lifelike copy of what she’s visualizing. The discs measure 1.3″ across and are 1/10th” thick and will click together and apart easily.

This is also a wonderful toy to help fine tune her motor skills. Sit down with her and help her make whatever she’s dreaming of.


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