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Colorful Kids Play Tent

If you need a kids play tent for a fun camping, outdoor adventure then take your pick from the collection.

Fun Kids Play Tent

If you want to encourage your child to use his active imagination and put it to use then use a fun prop to help him along. A tent can make for a great distraction on a boring rainy day or when he says there’s nothing to do! Kids can find refuge in their play tent and play games such as house, store, camping or pretend that they are in the jungle or on a safari adventure!

Let his imagination run wild and help him along by getting him a gift that will also help him exercise and encourage activity.

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Cute Kids Play Tent

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Featured is the Pacific Play Tents One Touch for Sale via Amazon

Pacific Kids Play Tent /More Details

* Available in primary colors (shown)
* Features a water proof floor
* Kids will enjoy playing camp out
* Comes with a handy carry bag for easy transport
* May be used both indoors and outdoors

What can be more fun than camping out in the great outdoors? I know, I know.. pretending that your camping without all the fuss. Now your little one can play either by himself or with friends or siblings to act like he’s “roughing it” outside or make believe that he’s on a wild African safari.

Encourage your children to use their minds to create a fun game out of this wonderful toy. This particular model can be used both inside and out and it features a UV treated material to ensure it holds up in the sun for outdoor play.

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