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Farmers Market Color and Counting Toy


A Color and Counting Toy is perfect if you’re getting ready to introduce colors and numbers into your little one’s play time! This toy is from Learning Resources and boasts a variety of colorful fruit and veggies in baskets that your child will have lots of fun picking from.

Read on for ways to make learning fun for your child.

Color and Counting Toy Details

* Fruit and Veggies come in different colors that your child can learn
* Helps her learn how to count and distinguish the different veggies and fruit
* A fun way to help her have fun while learning
* Ideal for ages 3 and up
* Helps to learn sorting items
* Encourages imaginary play!

Learning Resources Farmers Market Color Counting Toy

Farmer’s Market Color and Counting Toy

It’s time to learn! If your child is now ready to be introduced to numbers and colors then show her the fun Farmer’s market color and counting toy for her play time. Work one on one with your little one and get her counting sooner than you think. You can start with just a few and remove the fruit and veggies one by one and start counting to three, four, five, etc! Later, when she has a grasp of numbers then you can ask her, “how many items are in this basket?”

Do the same thing with all the variety of colors as well as the name of the fruit and vegetables. Not only is this a great little toy that will encourage learning but it can really help increase her vocabulary of different exotic fruits/veggies that she’s never heard of!

In addition to all of that, it can help encourage imaginary play time which can help her develop a stronger sense of self and learn how to play well with other kids.

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