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Chinese Play Food Set

Chinese Play Food Set

If you want to introduce your child to different types of food from other cultures then this Chinese Play Food set might make an interesting addition to his kitchen.

What is Dim Sum? How about something unique in disguise of play food?

This is a funny set because it’s not exactly what it seems. It’s really a set of erasers in disguise of Dim Sum and other treats. Take a look below to find out more about it.


Child Chinese Play Food Set

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Chinese Play Food Set
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Pictured is the Chinese Food Dim Sum Eraser Set

Chinese Play Food Set Details

* Contains 7 pieces
* Erasers that are shaped like Dim Sum
* For children over age 4

Will your child enjoy playing with this super fun eraser set? They sure will. These erasers have been made in Japan and are shaped to look just like Chinese food favorites like noodles, fried rice, dumplings and a set of cute chopsticks to play around with.

Let your young ones take this fun set to school and show their cool erasers to friends.

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