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Child’s Toy Kitchen

A child’s toy kitchen that will keep your kids entertained is just a few steps away. Do you remember playing make believe when you were little?

Playing imaginary games alone or with friends is one of the best times of childhood and should be cherished as well as encouraged.
These are the times that can help children grow emotionally and learn to develop strong concepts of self as well as practice interacting with others.

What can be more fun than playing imaginary games with others as a child? Children use imaginary games as well as role playing to learn more about what’s appropriate behavior, how to react and respond to others during pretend situations and make believe problems.

It’s a great time to learn and have fun at the same time.
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Child’s Toy Kitchen Set for Sale

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Childs Toy Kitchen Set for Sale
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Pictured is the Step2 LifeStyle Custom Kitchen

Here is a fun and entertaining toy kitchen set appropriate for children between 24 months and 6 years. This is a very realistic looking kitchen that your child will really like playing with and it’s mostly duke to the fact that it has so many cool gadgets and opportunities to discover hidden spots.

For the ultimate kitchen experience it has a “stainless” steel oven, a microwave as well as a super cute fridge for your child to open and close.

Another fun part of this kitchen is that it has functioning storage compartments as well as drawers. Your child will relish all the fun spots to put away those groceries. View All Play Kitchens

Something you might also love about this set is that it comes with a 17 piece kitchen accessory set. Most play kitchens require that you purchase those separately but this has all those items included.

It contains a frying pan with lid, a boiling pot, 2 plates, 2 bowls, 2 cups, 2 knives, forks, and salt and pepper shakers.

Child’s Toy Kitchen Details

* Country home play kitchen set
* Drawers and storage with authentic handles and hardware
* Simple assembly
* Will provide hours of fun and exciting entertainment for kids
* Sink contains swivel faucet for a truly interactive experience
* Comes with a 17 piece accessory set

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