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Child’s Tea Sets

Find some child’s tea sets to give as gifts or find a special one that your little girl or boy will enjoy playing with.

What is so exciting about tea parties anyway? Children of many ages love to participate and pretend away imagining that they are hosting or taking turns being the prince or princess at a big bash.

Now you can provide your child with a fun and exciting way to not just socialize but to open up her imagination and conjure up many fun and exciting scenarios.

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Featured in the photo above is the Schylling set.

Children love to play make believe and imaginary games either by themselves or with their peers. It’s a fun time to create, play and explore emotions as well as learn to how to interact with others.

Get your child ready for fun tea parties, either inside the home or out with a tea set that will allow her to spend lots of time playing and having fun.

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Child’s Tea Sets for Girls and Boys

This is a set that can you can buy for either a boy or a girl. It is not so gender specific and the light green color has a whimsical floral pattern that any child might enjoy.

This is a set that contains 13 pieces in total. It has a teapot, teacups with saucers and a serving tray. It will serve up to 4 people or stuffed toys that your child might feel like having over for a spot of tea any lazy afternoon and don’t forget to add a sweet treat or two! See the Play Food Birthday Cake for sale.

Set Details

* Set for 4 children
* Lovely green color with floral pattern
* Teapot, teacups and saucers
* Serving tray
* A great gift idea for children
* Comes packaged in a window box

Are you ready to experience tea parties again? Relive those fun times through your child’s eyes and jump in for some tea party fun.

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