Children’s Tea Sets

Find some children’s tea sets for sale for your child to play with and enjoy playing make believe while learning to be social!

Do you remember being little and playing with tea sets and pots and pans? It’s such a wonderful way for a child to learn role playing and pretend that he or she is hosting her own party with friends.

Browse the sales below on all the sets available and pick your absolute favorite that your little one will enjoy for hours of playtime. It’s tea time!

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A Cute Girls Porcelain Tea Set


Find a pretty girl’s porcelain tea set that your child can enjoy playing tea time with! Do you remember the good old days of imaginary tea parties and fun times with those imaginary friends? It’s one of the most special times in a child’s life because during these years they […] Toy Details

Small Tea Sets for Children

Now your child can have fun with small tea sets and spend some quality time in her own imaginary tea party world. Invite some of her friends along to enjoy a tea party with a mini or smaller tea set. If you have a little girl or boy who enjoys […] Toy Details

Basket Tea Sets

Basket tea sets are convenient gifts for children who are ready to play tea time and have a tea get together with friends. View all the tea set baskets for sale online. Does you child like to play imaginary games? If she enjoys playing make believe or fancies herself a […] Toy Details

Ballerina Tea Set

A ballerina tea set is ideal for little girls who are dancers at heart or have ever dreamed of being center stage to perform. One of the wonderful parts of being a child is getting the opportunity to play and create a new fantasy world all from the imagination. This […] Toy Details

Toy Porcelain Tea Set

Find an adorable toy porcelain tea set for sale online that your child can enjoy playing with. You can join in on the fun too and accompany your little boy or girl to a fun tea party created using the imagination. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of observing a […] Toy Details

Child’s Tea Sets

Find some child’s tea sets to give as gifts or find a special one that your little girl or boy will enjoy playing with. What is so exciting about tea parties anyway? Children of many ages love to participate and pretend away imagining that they are hosting or taking turns […] Toy Details

Adorable Barbie Doll Tea Set

If you want a Barbie Doll Tea Set to give as a present to your little girl who adores Barbie then take a look at this adorable set for sale below. Many little girls just love playing with Barbie dolls, she’s an icon and a pretty one at that! If […] Toy Details

Miniature China Tea Sets

If you are a collector of miniature china tea sets then this is a super cute set that you can actually add to your collection or give to a little girl who wants a set of her own! Who does not love fine china? It’s elegant, timeless, beautiful and it […] Toy Details

A Child Tea Set for Boys and Girls

If you want a child tea set that will work for a little boy or a girl then look for something that is not gender specific. Choose colors that are either neutral or without fancy patterns that are associated with girl’s items. Tea time and little tea parties are something […] Toy Details

Pretty Girls Tea Sets

Find some pretty girls tea sets to choose from for that extra special birthday or holiday gift for your child. Did you know that playing make believe is good for children? Pretend play is when children use items such as blocks, tea sets, utensils for example as props to create […] Toy Details