Children’s Tea Sets

Find some children’s tea sets for sale for your child to play with and enjoy playing make believe while learning to be social!

Do you remember being little and playing with tea sets and pots and pans? It’s such a wonderful way for a child to learn role playing and pretend that he or she is hosting her own party with friends.

Browse the sales below on all the sets available and pick your absolute favorite that your little one will enjoy for hours of playtime. It’s tea time!

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Cute Plastic Tea Set


This plastic tea set is perfect for children over the age of 3 years. There’s no better time than tea time and your child will just love sitting down and pretending that he or she is having a fun party with friends, both imaginary and real! Let’s learn more about […] Toy Details

Wooden Play Food Cookie Set


This wooden play food cookie set via Melissa and Doug will provide so much entertainment and encourage imaginary play in your child. Are you getting ready for the holidays? Whether it’s Christmas time or July, this little cookie toy set will go over well with kids that love to pretend […] Toy Details

Polka Dot Miniature Tin Tea Set

Polka Dot Tin Tea Set

It’s time for tea! If your child is wild about dots then add a tin tea set to her toy collection with a smattering of cute dots. Let your child’s imagination run wild and give her some fun props to enjoy pretending like she’s the Queen of England or just […] Toy Details

Hello Kitty Tea Set Pink

Hello Kitty Tea Set Pink

If you or someone you know loves Hello Kitty then this tea set in pink and white might be a perfect fit. Little girls just seem to flock to Hello Kitty. I have so many fond memories of browsing our local Sanrio store just to see all the kitty cuteness. […] Toy Details

Pretty Girls Tea Set

pretty girls tea set

If you want a pretty girls tea set to give as a gift then browse the collection below. Girls can learn a lot by playing tea party. For one they get a chance to role play and have the opportunity to be someone or something else! She can pretend she’s […] Toy Details

Tea Set Basket

tea set basket

Find an adorable tea set basket for your boy or girl to enjoy spending some quality play time with! It’s time for an afternoon spot of tea! If you remember playing imaginary games when you were little or enjoying tea parties with your toys, then you may be thinking about […] Toy Details

Ballet Tea Set

Ballet Tea Set

Give that little dancer in your life a ballet tea set that she can enjoy playing with and imagine her future as a ballerina. Do you have a little budding dancer in your home? Children naturally love to dance, sing and draw and create. These are special abilities that each […] Toy Details

Pretty Hello Kitty Tea Set

hello kitty tea set

Who can resist a Hello Kitty Tea Set in pink? Ahh.. Hello Kitty is everywhere! If you know a little girl who like Hello Kitty items then how about a fun tea set so that she can properly entertain her guests when they come over to play! Kids love tea […] Toy Details

Boys Tea Set Toy

Boys Tea Set Toy

Find a Boys Tea Set Toy with a fun Curious George theme for your little boy or girl! Who is Curious George? He is the adorable and oh so lovable monkey that everyone just loves because of his curious nature and spunky little personality! One of the best ways to […] Toy Details

Dantoy Tea Set for Boys and Girls

dantoy tea sets for boys and girls

The Dantoy Tea Set for boys and girls is just right for young kids who love to play make believe and role playing games. Encourage your children to play and socialize by adding some fun accessories like a tea set to their playtime activities. Did you know that children who […] Toy Details