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Children’s Porcelain Tea Sets

Find some cute children’s porcelain tea sets for sale online.

If you have a child who is into playing make believe or has taken an interest in playtime and handling pots and pans then a tea set for kids is a good idea. Even if your little one might not seem like they are interested, you may be surprised to find him or her delight in a set of their own when they get a chance to host their very own tea party for two or more with little friends.

Tea parties are a fun way for children to learn role playing and are wonderful modes of social interaction and they can teach a child to share as well as encourage playing with others.

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Children's Porcelain Tea Sets for Sale
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Children’s Porcelain Tea Sets for Sale Online

Children's Porcelain Tea Sets for Sale
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The first photo is that of a super cute tea set that is for children over three years old and recommended for children eight and older. It contains small parts so it’s best for older kids. This is a 21 piece porcelain tea set for sale that your little boy or girl might adore playing with!

Upon first receiving the set it is highly recommended to hand wash before allowing your child to play with. It’s available in an adorable wicker case to keep your parts together.

Children’s porcelain tea sets like this are handy because you can always store the items in the basket and it’s perfect for toting around to your child’s friend’s house or even on the road to play with.

It an 8 ounce tea pot, 4 tea cups with matching saucers, 4 spoons, a creamer with a little lid as well as napkins to play with.

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Children’s Porcelain Tea Set Details

* Comes with tea pot, 4 tea cups
* Creamer with lid, 4 spoons, napkins
* Porcelain
* Dishwasher safe items
* An excellent child’s gift idea to play

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