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A Child Tea Set for Boys and Girls

If you want a child tea set that will work for a little boy or a girl then look for something that is not gender specific. Choose colors that are either neutral or without fancy patterns that are associated with girl’s items.

Tea time and little tea parties are something that can be shared by both boys and girls and playing like this should be encouraged.

Playing make believe and imagination is something that children can do that can actually help them learn! When in pretend or imaginary situations they face challenges (created by them) that are unique and they are even faced with their own little pretend problems that they solve on their own.

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This is not only healthy but quite educational and can lead to a child developing a strong sense of self. Encourage your child to play with others and to share by investing in a toy that will encourage social interaction and participation with others.

As you can see both little boys and girls can both learn from social activities and they can learn valuable experiences while visiting the land of make believe.

A Unisex Miniature Child Tea Set

Child Tea Set
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Featured in this photo is the Mini Child Tea Set Basket by Schylling.

One thing you should know about this model is that it is indeed a miniature so it is smaller than normal. But if you just want something that your child can play with without necessarily having real snacks and juices then this will be a good fit for make believe tea parties.

For another regular set see this plastic tea set for boys and girls.

Mini Child Tea Set Details

* Set for 4
* Small tea set (miniature)
* Comes with basket for storage
* Great gift for collectors of minis!
* A unique tea set with teapot, tea cups and saucers

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