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Child Picnic Table

Find a cute child picnic table that your little one can use to color, draw and play imaginary games or use it outside for picnics!

Child Picnic Table

What can be more fun than having an outdoor BBQ or picnic with the family? If you have a little one who just adores playing outside then add one of these sets to his collection so he always has a spot to sit for a spell and rest.

Kids that are active and enjoy tumbling around in the grass will appreciate their own table for either an afternoon snack, a sip of water or to sit and play games with.

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Child Picnic Table

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Child Picnic Table
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Featured is the Little Tikes Easy Store Large Picnic Table with Umbrella

Child Picnic Table Details

* Perfect for outdoor BBQ’s with family
* Kids can have there own little table for eating
* A great place for drawing and coloring
* Comes with an umbrella to protect against the sun

The Little Tikes Easy Store Table is a handy helper when you need one to have a spot for your kids to sit. Everyone wants to have a fun time during a picnic or an outdoor play session. Kids can look to their table as a nice spot to sit and relax or get some reprieve from the sun.

Children’s Play Tables are useful so kids can sit and chat at their own level and not feel out of place at a big adult sized table. This table will seat up to six little ones and has a nice umbrella to protect them against the sun. It’s made of plastic and is ideal for the outdoors but you can also use it inside too.

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