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Castle Tent Toy

Add a castle tent toy to your child’s play set collection for a fun mythical adventure that she’ll love playing with.

Castle Tent Toy

Does your little girl love to pretend that she’s a princess living in a magical castle? If she does then a castle play tent will make a fun accessory that she can use to delve into her own world created from her imagination. Children need to be encouraged to play make believe because it’s a healthy way to learn more about the world and especially about themselves!

In fact, children that play imaginary games and scenarios together are much more likely to develop healthy and strong self concepts. They learn more about themselves and how to problem solve in these imaginary situations and once they’ve troubleshooted a problem they can feel proud of their actions.

What kind of things would you like your child to learn? If it’s pride in herself then encourage her to play make believe with her siblings and friends!

Castle Tent Toy

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Castle Tent Toy
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Featured is the Discovery Kids Princess Play Castle

Castle Play Tent Details

* Featured in pink design
* Made to look just like a toy castle
* Encourages imaginary play
* Good for indoors and outdoors
* Comes with an easy to use carrying case

Now your little girl can enjoy playing the proper role of princess or queen in her own little toy tent. This tent has been made to look similar to a castle from the medieval ages. Turn it into a fun lesson and teach her about medieval times and pique her curiosity in history or reading.

How about a fun imaginary game of knight and dragons! You can even make it more of realistic experience by incorporating some
princess role play costumes and really inspire some creativity in your children. Make it fun for them!

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