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A Fun Teaching Cash Register Toy

Cash Register Toy
If you are looking for a toy to encourage learning math skills such as counting and the value of money then this cash register toy is a good one to start off with.

It’s by Learning Resources and has some features like a fun talking mechanism that will say things to help make the register seem as real as possible. How fun would it be for your child to hear “card declined” while trying to pay with a credit card!

It will also encourage more play time with money and coins as well as encourage more imaginary play.

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Teaching Cash Register Toy
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Pictured is the Learning Resources Teaching Cash Register

Learning Cash Register Toy Details

* Your child can learn and have fun too
* Teach children about money and coins
* Register will make sounds and responses to transactions
* Built in calculator
* Has a scanner, a weighing scale and slot for coins
* Kids can practice adding, subtracting and play games
* Requires batteries (not included)

This is a tool that will really help your child practice those math skills while making it fun at the same time.

Children are much more likely to go back to toys that will make it fun. This cash register includes play bills, play coins a credit card as well as a scale.

These can make the whole “shopping” experience more real and your child can enjoy playing by himself while learning numbers and counting or he can invite some friends to play.

There is a built in coin reader that will recognize the value of the play coins AND it will also value real coins as well. This is a great way to introduce young children to money and the value of coins.

Complete the store fantasy for your child with an almost believable cash register.

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