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Camouflage Play Tent


It’s time for an adventure in the jungle with a camouflage tent! Children can enjoy exploring the wild jungle without going anywhere at all!

As you may well now, kids have an incredibly active imagination and now is the best time to foster their creative side and give them some fun childhood memories. After all, your only a child once! Encourage that independent spirit and play right along with your little one!


Camouflage Play Tent


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What You Get


* Camouflage designed tent for a realistic adventure
* Unique tunnel design for crawling and hiding
* Encourages imaginary play
* Great for multiple children to play together

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What can be more fun that pretending you’re outside fighting in the jungle or away at combat. Children learn about their surroundings and environment through playing. This is one fun toy that can encourage plenty of role playing and foster a healthy sense of self, even more so if they play with a friend or sibling!

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