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Build A Plane Game

build-a-plane-game This build a plane game is one toy that your budding engineer or pilot will love. Does your child have a fascination for puzzles and planes?

Combine both of those passions into one fun game that will let her expand her problem solving skills!

More About this Build A Plane Game/Toy

Build A Plane Game

The build a plane game is a fun toy for kids that enjoy planes and that have a penchant for puzzles! Let your little one pretend she’s an engineer or a pilot putting together her own plane or running her own “plane repair business.”

Now is the best time to let her imagination run wild, so encourage her to role play and be whatever she wants to be! This is a puzzle based plane. With this toy, she can slowly work at using and developing her logic, develop her hand eye coordination and practice using her visualization skills to put together this bright, adorable plane.

Included are all the parts needed to put it together in bright, cheery colors to attract her attention. This is perfect for children over the age of 3 years old.

Sit and play with your child and help her build the plane or just observe as she puts it together on her own piece by piece. This is something that can also teach patience, a valuable trait for youngsters to develop into responsible adults. Build her self esteem and self confidence by encouraging her to keep trying until she finishes the project.


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