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Boys Tea Set Toy

Boys Tea Set Toy Find a Boys Tea Set Toy with a fun Curious George theme for your little boy or girl!

Who is Curious George? He is the adorable and oh so lovable monkey that everyone just loves because of his curious nature and spunky little personality!

One of the best ways to Introduce a Youngster (both boys and girls) to imaginary play is through toys that look almost like the real thing and that look fun. For those parents who want a unisex gift toy set then this one is ideal because of its neutral yellow color and because of the fact that it features Curious George.

A Cute Boys Tea Set Toy

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Boys Tea Set Toy
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Featured is the Curious George tea set for boys and girls.

Curious George Boys Tea Set Toy Details

* Made of Tin
* Features the friendly Curious George Cartoon Character
* Pretty yellow color/ great for boys!
* Service for 4
* A 15 piece set
* Comes with a tea cup, saucer and plates for each person

What can be More Adorable that a Curious George tea party? Your little boy might adore this cute monkey when he sees this favorite and best selling tea set in front of him.

As you know, little boys also love to play make believe and tea time is the perfect way to let him explore imaginary play and encourage him to interact with fantasy friends or his playmates. This wonderful set is featured in a lovely yellow color and will serve up to 4 people in total. Your child can have a party with his stuffed toys or some little friends.

This set comes with 15 pieces and includes a tea pot with a pretty red trim, tea cups, saucers as well as plates for each guest at the party.

It even comes with a fun tray for keeping all the pieces organized.

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