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Birthday Cake Toy

birthday-cake-toy Get ready for the birthday cake toy. Your child will enjoy pretending it’s his birthday every day!

This is a fun, little play food toy that he can use over an over again to pretend he’s a master baker, attending a play wedding and more!

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Birthday Cake Toy

This little toy birthday cake is part of the Honeybake Play Kitchen Series. There are six slices of “cake” that can be cut into pieces and separated. Now is a great time to get him excited about numbers and counting. This might be an effective tool to make learning even more fun.

Work side by side with him and ask him, “how many pieces are there?” If I take one away then how many will be leftover? Make math fun and exciting for him.

In addition to this, your child can use this set to expand his imagination and pretend he’s a master chef in his own restaurant. He can serve the birthday cake to all his patrons!


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