Bed Bugs Game

bed-bugs-game Did someone say bed bugs? Yikes! The Bed Bugs Game is actually one fun kind of bed bug your kids will want!

This toy is best for kids who are working on fine tuning their motor skills. They’ll have fun picking up those bed bugs out of the shaking bed and race to finish first.

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About the Bed Bugs Game

This game was first released way back in 1985, so it’s definitely a nice classic that your kids will love because it’s stood the test of time. It’s motorized and once it’s on the bed will vibrate so the little bed bugs will jump and “wiggle” around on it. The players have to compete against each other to collect the most bed bugs. The one that collects the most will be the winner!

This is ideal for 2 to 4 players and kids over the age of 4. Included in this game is the motorized game board “the bed”, a battery cover, 4 tongs (to pick up all those wiggling bugs), 48 little playing pieces (bugs), 1 label sheet and a set of rules to go over so everyone knows how to play.


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