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Basket Tea Sets

Basket tea sets are convenient gifts for children who are ready to play tea time and have a tea get together with friends.

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Does you child like to play imaginary games? If she enjoys playing make believe or fancies herself a little princess hosting her own parties then imagine how much fun she would have with basket tea sets.

What is so special about tea parties? For one, they give children a chance to play. They can play alone or by themselves and spend time creating and dreaming that they are in a different world.

Interacting with other children is an important part of growing up and it can also help your child build a strong self concept while using imaginative play with others.

During this type of play they get to practice problem solving, decide how they will react to certain pretend situations and can learn to socialize with others. They also can learn about limits as well as learn how to persuade and convince others.

Basket tea sets are great toys that are easy to store and will serve to encourage your child to play with others in the form of her own made up tea party.

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Basket Tea Sets
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* Tea basket set
* Constructed from pink tin
* Provides service for four children
* Includes a wicker basket for storage
* Contains 4 plates, 4 cups and saucers, 4 spoons, tea pot with lid
* Wonderful gift for a child

This is a very pretty tea set that is made from tin so it’s convenient for children to play with, you won’t have to worry about pieces ever breaking if dropped. It features a lovely floral design and includes a lovely wicker basket to keep everything together and tidy.

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