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Adorable Barbie Doll Tea Set

If you want a Barbie Doll Tea Set to give as a present to your little girl who adores Barbie then take a look at this adorable set for sale below.

Many little girls just love playing with Barbie dolls, she’s an icon and a pretty one at that! If you have a big Barbie fan in the family then get ready for tea time and fun with Barbie and a few of your little girl’s friends.

What is it about tea time that’s so fun and special? It’s not just something specific to children either! Having tea or even “pretending” as children often do is quite the fun experience.

Between the ages of 2-6 are known as early childhood. During this time youngsters are at their most playful. This is when children spend most of their time creating, learning and imagining (The Developing Person- Berger & Worth, 6th Edition).

Children who participate in active social activities (such as playing tea with friends, for example) are able to practice their socializing skills.

While playing make believe and imaginary games, children can learn helpful social skills as well as moral rules that can help them later as adults!

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Barbie Doll Tea Set for Sale
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Barbie Doll Tea Set Details

This is a wonderful tea set that is girly and fancy and fit for little girls who love pretty things. This set contains 30 pieces which is just right for a nice soiree with little friends. This set comes with a teapot with lid, a creamer, sugar bowl, teacups, knives, forks as well as spoons.

This is a Barbie doll tea set that is best for children over the age of three due to small parts. It is idea for little girls who love playing with Barbie and hosting tea parties.

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Fun with Barbie!

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