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Ballerina Tea Set

A ballerina tea set is ideal for little girls who are dancers at heart or have ever dreamed of being center stage to perform.
Ballerina Tea Set for Sale
One of the wonderful parts of being a child is getting the opportunity to play and create a new fantasy world all from the imagination. This form of imaginative play is not only a wonderful way for your child to use her mind but gives her the opportunity to create endless possibilities, new situations and have fun too. She can also learn as well!

Children should be encouraged to play among peers because it can help them hone their social skills which can help later on in adulthood. It is also a wonderful opportunity for them to learn things from each other and interact together.

Children can and do play on their own, but they will get the most out of playing with others. For one, they have the opportunity to react to each other as well as find solutions to their make believe problems as well as learn how to react to imaginary circumstances.

Ballerina Tea Set for Sale

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Ballerina Tea Set for Sale
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Ballerina Tea Set Details

* Ceramic tea set
* Hand wash only
* Beautiful ballet inspired pattern
* Wonderful gift idea for a little budding dancer

This is a super cute tea set for girls who love ballet, tap, jazz or any form of dancing as it has lovely designs that have been hand painted on the tea pot, tea cups as well as the saucers for a delicate and girly set that she will love.

To keep this set intact it should be washed by hand. Included are 4 tea cups, teapot and matching saucers. This is made out of ceramic and includes raised designs of ballet slippers.

The tea cups will hold up to 4 ounces of water, this is a great gift for those real tea parties that your little girl may want to have with friends.

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