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Adorable Toy Grill Set

Toy Grill SetAdd a toy grill set to your child’s playtime experience. What can be more fun than grilling some kabobs over the fire?

Children can now pretend that they are grilling up something delicious over the hot fire just like mom and dad do. Let your little one enjoy role playing and pretending that he is the grill master extraordinaire.

Pretend Toy Grill Set

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Pretend Toy Grill Set Details

* A fun toy grill for grilling play kabobs
* A two piece wooden grill set
* Comes with play food from shrimp, onions, mushrooms and meat
* Your child can load the play food onto a skewer for “grilling”
* Equipped with wooden knife as well as tongs to move the play food

If your child loves to cook then introduce him to a fun grill that will let him prepare his own kabobs for the whole family. Children can now feel like they are making their own meals over the Melissa and Doug Grilling Set toy.

It features plenty of play food items form shrimp, meat, mushroom, onions and peppers as well as some skewers. He can pick and choose whatever he wants to cook and then insert them into the skewer and pop them right over his grill.

This set also comes with wooden tongs as well as a knife for a realistic grilling experience. He can pretend that he is cutting up veggies and meat and it’s very easy to pick his food and place on the skewers.

The main grill is made up of two pieces and is constructed from wood.

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Toy Grill Play Set

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