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A Fun Play Pizza Set for Kids

Play Pizza Set

Add a fun Play Pizza Set to your child’s kitchen and let him have some fun cooking up a feast for you and the family!

One of the best parts of being a kid is using the imagination to create whatever they want to. Give your child a fun tool that he can have a great time with while he learns too. Play pizza sets are wonderful additions to help kids learn to add, subtract and even work on fractions for the more advanced math student.

Whatever your child’s learning level is, give him a great head start and expose him early to some fun play pizza yummyness that will encourage him to want to learn to count and have some fun making his own pizza! And even if it’s too soon, he can have fun pretending to serve pizza.

Play Pizza Set for Kids

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Play Pizza Set
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Play Pizza Set for Kids

* A fun set that kids can use to play make believe
* A pizza that measures 6 inches in diameter
* Comes with a pizza cutter, pizza paddle and wipe and clean order card
* He can practice counting!
* Total of 18 pieces in the set

Is your child ready to pretend that he is the owner of his own pizza parlor?

With this fun set by Learning Resources, he can do just that and have a great time cooking something tasty for you, his toys or his friends. What can be more fun than running your own restaurant?

You can help encourage him even more by placing your order with him and let him make the pizza and serve you. This pizza set has a pizza that measures 6 inches (diameter). This set comes with an apron, pizza paddle, pizza cutter and an order card so he can take your order. The card will also wipe clean to re-use again and again!

There are also a variety of fun toppings to choose from so he can get creative making yummy pizza.

Toy Pizza Sets for Playtime

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