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A Cool Pirate Tent

Kids Pirate Tent

Who is ready for some fun stuff to do during a rainy day? If you have some little pirate enthusiasts in your home then find a cool pirate tent that will have your child excited to play inside.

As a parent, you might want some fun ideas for what you can do with kids inside for a change. Play tents are the perfect solution to the rainy day blues and they can provide some fun entertainment for the kiddos when you (and they!) need it the most.

Cute Pirate Tent


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kids pirate tent

Shiver Me Timbers, It’s a Takeover!

Product Features

* Easy to pop up and down within seconds
* Makes keeping kids entertained easy and fun!
* Encourages kids to be creative
* Fun prop for imaginary play

Get ready for some fun on the high seas with pirates! Arrgh! Does your child enjoy pretending that he’s a pirate? This play tent is just the ticket to serve as a fun prop for your little one. The best part about it is it can be easily popped up within a few seconds and it can be popped right back down just as quickly. This way you don’t need to worry about storing the thing when you’re child’s room is small.

This one comes with a carrying case to store it as well as a pirate flag to make it seem like a real ship. How’s that for entertainment. This tent is designed on the exterior with some cute graphics to give it the appearance of a ship for your little pirate.

Whether he’s hunting for hidden treasure or searching for the Fountain of Youth this fun pirate canopy is sure to provide some fun to the kiddos.

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