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120 Piece Play Food Set

Find a 120 piece play food set for sale for your children to enjoy lots of time playing make believe “chef.”

Children can have so much fun with food in their own play kitchen.

Did you know that during childhood make believe games and imaginary play with other children gives your child a good opportunity to learn more about himself.

How is that? When children participate in make believe games they almost always encounter pretend problems and bad situations, be it rescuing the princess from the evil monster or playing kitchen chef.

Your child can learn valuable problem solving skills that he will take with him.

Add this fun play set to his toy kitchen and see how much fun he’ll have learning and playing that it’s cooking time.

Just Like Home 120 Piece Play Food Set

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120 Piece Play food set
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Just Like Home 120 Piece Set Details

* Includes 120 pieces
* Includes fruits, veggies and fast food
* A wonderful addition to the play kitchen
* Great for practicing dexterity!

This play food set is quite large and contains a total of 120 pieces. They are all made of plastic and come in a various shapes and sizes and are all made to resemble different types of food to give your child a fun and realistic cooking experience.

If your child loves the play kitchen then this set will be an asset and he will thoroughly enjoy adding all those yummy ingredients to his play kitchen sets.

Included in this set is a variety of yummy looking foods including fruits, vegetables, canned food, bottled items as well as some convenient fast foods such as a hamburger and fries to satisfy the busy cook’s family!

Imagine how much fun your little boy or girl will have playing with these adorable toy foods.

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